Like the Hawaiian culture of old, we are an intricately woven organization steeped in tradition, knowledgeable in protocol and whose centerpiece, whose piko is HO’OMANA, Hawaiian Spirituality.
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HO’OMANA, is the old indigenous maternalistic spirituality of Old Hawai’i, pre-Ali’i and pre-Western contact. HO’OMANA means to make spiritual power and you do that when you go through the HO’OMANA classes presented at Halau O Limaloa.
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Our Kumu is a Kanaka Maoli (Native Hawaiian), and has been given the kuleana (responsibility) by his ‘ohana (family) to teach Hawaiian spirituality, as he was taught by his kupuna. He teaches deep Hawaiian culture, as he was taught in the old ways of ’Nana I Ka Maka, Ho’olohe I Ka Pepeiao, Pa’a Ka Waha with a contemporary twist which is that the haumana can ask questions, in the old days the haumana could not.

He not only knows the subject matter deeply, but he lives in the HO’OMANA Lifestyle, because that was how he was brought up. He knows the Hawaiian way because it is his way. He knows the Western and Eastern Ways because he was educated in those ways.

He is not only a Kumu, but he is also Kahuna. He was very ha’aha’a for 45 years, because he felt he was still a Kahuna-In-Training. It is only in the last 10 years that he has come out of training. As early as 5 years old he was asked to go and learn from several kahuna from Kaua’i, Moloka’i and Hawai’i. He also learned from several kahuna who lived in Kane’ohe, Hee’ia, Kahalu’u and Hau’ula when they traveled over the Old Pali Road.

This is to say that in class, depending on a question by the haumana or the flow of the presentation, the response may come from the Kumu or the Kahuna. To see this flexing process is bewildering yet awesome.
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In the classes, the students' sacred and spiritual relationship with the ‘āina and mana of Hawai’i is revealed. At times the revelation is gentle and sometimes it is not. The classes are not for the faint of heart. The classes are not taught in the Western or Eastern manner, but rather in the old Hawaiian Way, the HO’OMANA Style.
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The classes are intricately built in the old way; part, action, word, has a reason. Our foundation has four aspects to our philosophy which are the pohaku (anchors) of the classes taught in the HO’OMANA Series in HALAU O LIMALOA and the LIMALOA INSTITUTE. These aspects or levels coincide with four chronological levels of life.

HO’ALA NA PUA, Awaken the Vigor and Vitality of Youth - Birth to 12 years of age, is the first level of classes on the Hawaiian healing arts offered by Halau O Limaloa. This 4 class series will begin to teach participants how Native Hawaiians integrate every part of the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

The concepts of ‘IKE, MANA, KINO and ’UHANE (knowledge, power, body and spirit) and how these are woven together within each person’s being are presented. The process of knowing oneself will be a focus of the series.

HE ‘IKE KUMU O HO’OMANA, Look to the Deep Fundamentals of Creating Spiritual Power - The Adolescent Years, 13 to 19 years old, is the second level of classes at Halau O Limaloa.

This 4 day retreat encourages participants to relax, recharge and learn in comfort. It’s a time to get away from your everyday life and gain a new perspective.

Retreats are held at the Catskill Mountains in New York, the Cascade Mountains on the West Coast, and at Pu’u O Hoku Ranch on Moloka’i in Hawaii.

HO’OPA’A KULEANA O KALAMA O KA PO’E KAHIKO, Understand Our Responsibility to the Wisdom of the Ancient Ones - The Years Of Experiences, 20 to 39 years of age, is the third level of classes at Halau O Limaloa. This is a series of 8 classes which challenge participants to learn how to stand firm in their spiritual power.

Participants are encouraged to examine their beliefs and to trust their ‘IKE.

HO’OULU NA KUMU, HO’OMANA, To Nourish the Sources of that Wisdom - The Years Of Really Living, 40 plus, is the fourth level of classes at Halau O Limaloa. In this series of 8 classes participants not only learn how to make spiritual power, but how to apply this knowledge.

Participants will realize the beneficence of Ho’omana and the process of manifestation.

LOMILOMI, means “to break into small, then smaller pieces” in Hawaiian. Lomilomi is an old traditional style of Hawaiian healing. A process of healing unlike any other, it is energetic in nature, cleansing and healing in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual ways. Lomilomi class is offered after 2 1/2 years of study of HO’OMANA. This is the necessary prerequisite to enter the Lomi Halau.

At Halau O Limaloa we practice and teach an old traditional lomilomi, Iwi’ula Style. Traditional Lomilomi is pure Hawaiian.

Participants will have intensive training and hands on practice.

After graduating from lomlomi kino, another form of lomlomi, Lomi Kahea may be offered. Only when Kumu is told by his kupuna kahiko, ancestors, to teach it, will he teach the lomi kahea. This 10 class series teaches deep Hawaiian ways of healing.

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As a psychiatrist

"The classes, pule and processes have brought me an experience and knowing of my essence in its most complete and pure form. In these classes human nature, which embodies spirit, has not been categorized, classified, diagnosed or subdivided in any way as is characteristic of psychiatry in the western world. What happens with KALAMA classes with the pule and processes is that each person, as they choose, flows easily into a flowering of their essence and into joy. There is a reaching into nature in an unadulterated way and one simply is in this process of awakening of one’s essence."

As an ex-Catholic and ex-nun

"So much of my experience in Catholicism has been a separation of material and spirit, body and soul. It has been a demand to ascribe to certain belief systems and practices. The KALAMA classes have brought me an experience of life at its very core. I am living life with no separation into 'natural and supernatural'. It is rather a 'sinking down' into what is at the very center of life where there is only One and that One is Love." - J. Loeken, MD

From a strong Baptist upbringing

"I was raised on the ethic of proselytizing and conversion. In the KALAMA Classes, the Kumu has no wish to convert anyone to the Hawaiian belief system. This wisdom has been kept secret for so long, for good reason. The classes are a gift. There is remuneration for services offered, but what is being offered is priceless. How can a price be put to a soul’s longing, or more concisely, to a soul’s knowing? The classes are not for everyone. They challenge you to the very core. Your life requires your attention, and the classes call this forth. I have witnessed those I now call friends transform through the HO’OMANA Classes and continue through Lomi. Those who stay with the classes find grace in the flow of their life. I have learned to step aside from the general flow and wait. I have also learned to act in the very second of a moment without hesitation."

- Paul Keali’i Lewis - son of a Baptist Minister