In traditional Hawaiian culture, there are two concepts that are implicit with building any foundation. Those two concepts are:

KULANA, place, where you are in reference to everything.

KULEANA, responsibility. You are responsible for everything that you do and there are guidelines and protocols, which define both your place and your responsibility.

The philosophy of KALAMA is built directly from the four tenets. They are:

First and foremost, HO’OMAKAUKAU; preparation and understanding what it is to always be prepared.

Second, HA’AHA’A; the strength that is implicit with the Hawaiian understanding of humility. The concept of HA’AHA’A is never subservient.

Third, HO’IHI; for Hawaiians respect is given from the onset of the thought. We implicitly trust. We do not believe that trust is something that grows with time; in fact, it may diminish with time.

Lastly, when the first three concepts are followed then the fourth, ‘OIA’I’O, truth is given and quite simple. Hawaiian is an oral culture; we do not play games with truth, however, we do enjoy a great game of wit, which requires the implicit understanding of words.

Understanding the words that describe the philosophy of the KALAMA Foundation is simple. Understanding the depth and breadth of the concepts underlying the words can be rather complex.

As you are beginning to see, the KALAMA Foundation is a synchronistic organization where all of its parts are integrally linked to each other creating a sound body of intellect with a strong understanding of a solid spiritual foundation. It is this understanding that the Hawaiians of Old created for themselves before the introduction of the Ali’i system and the constructs of the Western and Eastern Worlds, and this is the cornerstone on which the KALAMA Foundation is built.